i need to do a java program that finds the hypotenuse of a right triangle itried like 5 times but i cant do it can someone plz help me.

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Ask user to input one side of triangle and store in a variable x
Ask user to input second side of triangle and store in a variable y
Square x and y and add them together, and then find the square root of that sum
Print out the result


Everyone needs help from time to time. I'm sure YOU can agree on that......

Are u joking, he's posted it three times, with no attempt of any work.

With something so trivial, it's gone way beyond a joke now surely?


Sorry I think i mistaken him for another person, unless he has another alias. So I thought he was that other person who post b4. I'm not sure now. But you have to admit it is rather simple.

Classes on the other hand, are not.


it is rather simple if you know math and programming. Sadly a lot of people lack the math, and a lot of people lack the programming.
A rather large subgroup of those 2 groups lacks both.

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