k we're working on a billing system
Currently I am working on the categories module. Here's the thing:
I need a dynamically changing UI. So the user can add categories, delete them and teh UI would accordingly add or remove controls automatically.

I used DataGridView, but since the fetching and storing of data will not be done in a database, I need to fetch it and update it using an HTTP API, the data bindings are causing problems as I need to update, Insert or delete data using functions instead of letting VB do the hard work. I tried creating a datatable and checking for changes everytime user added/deleted/changed a row, but again the problem is: in a datatable I am not able select what type of control represents the column. For Example I have a parent category column where the control needs to be a combo box. The datatable's columns don't seem to provide an option and are automatically set to text box.

I am thinking there is a really cool way of doing this that I am unaware of. all the VB.NET books I have read only seem to use DataGridView in conjunction with some sort of a database and not independantly. That sounds wrong to me!

Is there any book for this or some really good articles that intensively describe how to dissect datagrids cuz they seme pretty versatile.

So if you don't want to use a database system, what do you intend to use because in all you statements, you mention insert, update, data fetching and others but you never mentioned your alternative for using a database system

I don't have the API yet. I am using SQL statements as functions to do all that. They can be changed to API Calls easily..

I know you must be using SQL statements to do that but those commands must be querying a source.

I know you must be using SQL statements to do that but those commands must be querying a source.

Well yes, they are currently quering an Access File. But later, I will have to connect to a website and use their apis(via POST and GET Requests) to insert/delete/update data. which is the reason I donot want to bind using the inbuilt wizards.