Is C++ what i would use to make games?

Well, it depends what sort of game you want to make. C++ is, indeed, often used to make games. However, it requires a lot of expertise in programming. If you are not a programmer, try your hand at DarkBASIC first.

I'll say. You should try to start programming before even thinking about creating a game. It's like saying "I want to operate on people" without taking biology first.

You can pretty much use any language to create a game. It all depends what game you want to create. The more capibilites you want to add to your game, obviously the more you have to know. Please don't be tempted to create a 3D shooter like Quake... like I said... you don't just learn to operate on a person overnight, not even in five years. You have to take the basic courses (college, grad school and so on) then even then you still have to go to hands on training with models.

You can start programming a game sooner than five years, but it all depends on you. Here is something you should look at if you're just starting off: has some pretty good articles for game developers. When you're more advanced I recommed you subscribe to:

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