I would like to create a login screen with username/password. Can anyone help me?
The login screen should validate username/password before the user is redirected to the next screen. thank u

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If you are going to have a universal log in username and password, you can use the following code:

If txtUsername.Text = "Your Username" & txtPass.Text = "Your Pass" Then

If you are checking usernames and passwords from a SQL Database or using there log in information from your website to sign into the application, then that is a different story. I have created a log in form form my webs.com site so I could help you if you don't know how to use or create a SQL database. If you are using a database then I can not help seeing as how I have never dealt with a databse. I am a self-taught coder so I am not the best by any means.


Yes..im planning to store the credentials in a database..
and thank you formulav8, that was helpful.

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