I would like to create a login screen with username/password. Can anyone help me?
The login screen should validate username/password before the user is redirected to the next screen. thank u

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are you storing login credentials in database ?

If you are going to have a universal log in username and password, you can use the following code:

If txtUsername.Text = "Your Username" & txtPass.Text = "Your Pass" Then

If you are checking usernames and passwords from a SQL Database or using there log in information from your website to sign into the application, then that is a different story. I have created a log in form form my webs.com site so I could help you if you don't know how to use or create a SQL database. If you are using a database then I can not help seeing as how I have never dealt with a databse. I am a self-taught coder so I am not the best by any means.

Yes..im planning to store the credentials in a database..
and thank you formulav8, that was helpful.

And have you tried anything at all?

Yes...linking it with SQL was successful...

show some code and it would be worked on from there

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