I am working with Borland C++ Builder 5 . When trying to run Client program from another computer in a LAN it complains that "it can not find the Vclmid50.bpl library."
Note: Smart Agent & Server Program are running

I don't really know a thing about that file, but that sort of error message usually means the file is not in one of the directories in the PATH environment variable. search the hard drive to see if that file was installed. If not, then install it.

Hi everybody

I have a project to record a telephone conversation.

My problem is that when I set the modem on recording condition, the voice of other side is being recorded but my own voice not recorded.

Please guide me what setting to be arranged to have both sides’ voices to be recorded.

type of Fax Modem is JUSTEC (Model JM56EA).

I initialized the modem for recording ,with below



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