Hi all,
To do OCJP certification what are the things should I learn .
Pls suggest some good tutorials

Thanks in advance

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If you are fresh in Java then SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide is best thing. Books is little expensive, but worth it( you can find plenty of second hands …

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thanks peter_budo,

am little familiar with java,jsp and all
ya i will buy that book ..
other then that Is there any online sample tests available ?

If you search you may for sure find some, but put it this way, every chapter of the book ends with extensive test that will test your understanding of finished subject, plus there is a CD with some additional tests.

PS: Do not get fooled with online offers for "free" or cheap try-out exam test, they just use whatever is in book...

thanks a lot peter_budo

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