hi frnds....
i am working on a window based student registration project using vs2008 and ms access database.what i have to do is to register students for main or comptt. exam according to the course they are in.
The students are shown in a datagridview as per the course generated by populating comboboxes.
i have checkboxes for main and comptt exam on the form.
i want checkbox column in datagridview to select students either for main exam or comptt exam .
It means when i check say main exam checkbox and check some students or use "select all" checkbox to select them all,those students must be registered for main exam by updating the field "status" in database table by clicking a button.
The updated value should be 1 for main exam and 2 for comptt. exam.
i have generated the grid but now unable to register ..i m getting no idea...so plzzzz help......

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Doesn't a grid do this by default?

I mean you could do this by creating a composite control for example, but I would look to what already exists first...

sory.. actualy i realy dont know how to do that..i have just populated the grid with students records like rollno,enrolmentno, name ,address,sex,etc from a table "record".The same table has field "status" too.
but i want checkbox in first column and want to update checked students as main or comptt. exam.

thnxs jerry....i realy appreciate ur concern.

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