I want to create MouseListener library from scracth... Its just a assignement ... I have no idea to develop a thing in which i cant use that api directly from java... Please Help.

Do you have any kind of specification for what the library will do? And what are you allowed to use to get at hardware events like mouse button clicked?

MouseListener for Windows.... I was only told this ... I have searched a bit and found to try c or c++...

@Majestics be sure that would be sensitive (I read that only for WinOS)

1) Native OS (you have override all input/outout from/to the SubSystem, and extract WinOS rellevant...)

2) Look and Feel (you have override all bases for JComponents DefaultUI, BasicUI, MetalUI, WhateverUI

3) these methods as inherits or implements vice versa/between MouseAdapter, MouseMotionListener, MouseWheelListener (these things to much complicated fact that part of them comings directly from Native OS and Java can't manage it, and I think that for rest of them no lords here)

4) you are really crazy, but if you'd wrote 1.st API then pick_me_up for testing that :-), not joke

Well i asked my teacher to change my assignement , now its on hash function .. I have to implement MD2 hash... I search some website , found the theoratical section regarding to MD2 hash.. If some one already did this job please help me a bit, because time is very short... Just 2 or 3 line description which provide a base for start coding... I am extremly sorry i am using the same thread for different question...