when it was all right suddenly when i try to compile and run a code display me this problem


because i used to use DevC i never find this kind of problem, i search in to the MS visual folder in my pc but i dont find anything.
DId you know anything about this?

I am not really familiar with Visual Studio, but your programs had errors while building so the path to the program executable does not contain executable itself (or the path in the project build target is specified incorrectly). First correct the errors in the program.

All errors have to be corrected before you can attempt to execute it. The compiler will not generate the *.exe (or *.lib or *.dll) file until you fix all the error messages.

i know that there are errors... for each source code even if is correct shows the same message

Have you used Windows Explorer to verify that the *.exe program is or is not where that message says it is? My guess is that the *.exe was not created. What menu did you use to compile the program? Such as Build --> Build Solution, or Build --> Build <program name here>