Hello everyone,

I have this problem that I read over and over and over but I didn't understand what I suppose to do. I just want an explanation of how does this problem or I should say this game work.

create a mouse game for a single player. Set up a form with 4 rows of pictures boc controls. when a start button is clicked the mouse is "behind" one of the buttons while a stop image is behind 3 other picture boxes. The object of the game is to click the correct picturebox that contains the mouse. if the stop image appears before the mouse then the game is over.

I don't understand how the logic works.

Thank you guys

its a guessing game. Where is the mouse picture.
4 rows with pictureboxes
one image shows a Mouse
one image shows a Cross (stop image)
click start (eventually shuffle the images)
click images until you hit the Mouse image. If you hit the Cross before the Mouse, the game stops.
Its like memory where the cards are turned, so you cant see the image, just the backside.