I have been using Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express to do some work, which has now succeeded after a lot of trouble.
I wanted to go one step further but it seemed that I would need the full 2010 .NET software to achieve this.
I downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and tried this out but I worked out I could not achieve what I wanted before the temporary license ran out. Also I couldn't afford a full license either, so it had to go.
I now want to remove Visual Studio 2010 and can't figure out just what to get rid of. There seem to be a LOT of Microsoft products loaded and I can't figure out what I can delete safely. I don't want to compromise the C++ Express installation as that is working nicely.
Can anyone help me out here? Or am I stuck with all the bloat until the next time I have to (re)install an OS?

I'm running Windows7 here, so the details might look a little different on your computer, but you should be able to get to the Add/Remove Programs dialog, and remove VS2010 from there, and it should correctly remove only what it installed that isn't also needed by something else (e.g. your VC++ installation). At worst, you'll have to go back and reinstall VC++, but that shouldn't be hard either.

Now here's what I have:
From the Windows "Start" menu in the lower-left corner of the screen, I choose "Control Panel" (over in the right-hand column of options).
My Control Panel is organized by topic, so I choose "Programs"
Under the first section, "Programs and Features", I choose "Uninstall a Program"
Then I wait because I have so much junk installed on this box.... :)
When I scroll down, I see 5 items specifically labeled "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ..."
A good one to start with, in my case, is "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate - ENU" ... that sounds like the main entry point.

Start by uninstalling that one (and the other 4, if they don't go by themselves). Since it's unlikely that I did any other installation work that day, I could go through and find other items that have the same installation date, and guess that they were installed as part of the same effort and uninstall them as well. With any luck, picking a good start-point will get rid of everything for you, with little additional work needed on your part.

Unfortunately, I'm not actually going to uninstall my copy of VS2010 to see if it's as easy as I think it should be. Best of luck to you though!

Thank you. It was actually called 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional - ENU'. I didn't want to touch that until I was sure that was the appropriate item.

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