I am a new learner of C#, I will like to know Which way is the best to learn, Either to use Microsoft Visual C# or Notepad? The book am using to learn make use of Microsoft Visual C#,
and Also Please what is the Different between C, C# and C++?
Thank in Advance for your Reply

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Everyone has a personal preference.
I prefer Visual Studio because of Intellisense (R)
It helps prevent typos and other bugs while you code.
Also, it will compile, link and deploy, if you want.

Notepad does none of that.

[Languages (ultra-simple explanation)]
C is a general-purpose programming language
C++ can be considered an upgrade to C that allows classes and inheritance.
C# can be considered a hybrid of C++ and Java (safety, power and flexibility).


Which way is the best to learn, Either to use Microsoft Visual C# or Notepad?

It's beneficial to learn how to invoke your tools manually rather than rely on an IDE like Visual Studio, but not required immediately. I'd suggest starting out with an IDE for ease of use, then dropping down to a command line process once you're more comfortable with the language.

There's nothing wrong with magic when first learning, but it's important that the magic is understood at some point, and the magic of an IDE is no exception. ;)

Thank you all for the Advice, I will stay with it... I am learn the Language on my Own, at Home, Please If their some Advice to follow to make it a Nice one for me, and Also may be their are some book, out their that I can buy to Read as well... Thank you all

I actually found it Visual Sudio's "Intellisense" irritating when it was pestering me, putting red underlines on all my code and giving me suggestions when I wasn't done writing my program yet.

I prefer CodeBlocks because it's still an IDE that allows you to easily manage a large project, but still leaves you alone when you're trying to code something.

If you use Microsoft MSBuild it turns out it is actually quite easy to create a simple C# project outside of Visual Studio.

I think that while learning C# you will learn more if you try to stay outside the Visual Studio for a long as possible.

By doing so you will be learning about the C# language and the .Net framework and not be just learning the IDE.

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