Sometimes, when I want to move the project from path A:/B/C to path A:B/C/D/E, the
relative path of the project have to be changed. I think I could write a small program to
deduce the relative path after changed, it would be better if I could change the
"Additional manipulate Directories" by C++ but not by my own hand.
My idea is

//absolute path before moving"
//a lot of relative "Additional Directories"

//absolute path after moving
//the program will dumb the new "relative path" at here

I could just copy the new relative path and copy them to the ""Additional manipulate Directories"
But how could I make the "Additional manipulate Directories" change automatically?
Thanks a lot

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What you are describing is a build script, that is what you need. Personally, I am not familiar with Visual C++'s build system and the possibilities it offers to write build scripts. The main reason I'm not familiar with it is because it generally sucks and most large cross-platform projects use another build system which is independent of a particular IDE, compiler or OS.

I highly recommend that you take a look at Cmake. This build system will allow you to create very fancy build scripts (like automatically updating time-stamps on files, generating and applyling version numbers, creating custom build-targets such as doxygen documentation, etc. etc.). And, btw, your problem of updating the directory is basically a non-issue when using Cmake, it will take care of all that, including scanning the computer to find include directories and import libraries for external packages and stuff like that.

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