How do I get Version Information From The Assembly Info File?

tell me soon.

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You shoud find information about the version in:


If you need to phisically read the information from the AssemblyInfo file, you can use any standard text file procedure to read it and find the AssembyVersion.

Hope this helps

Private Function GetAppVersion() As String
        Dim PrgVer As String = ""

        Dim assem As Reflection.Assembly = Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
        Dim assemName As Reflection.AssemblyName = assem.GetName()
        Dim ver As Version = assemName.Version
        PrgVer = _
            assemName.Name & " v." & ver.Major & "." & ver.Minor & "." & ver.Build

        Return PrgVer
    End Function
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