i am making a Student Grading System in Vb.net which will store student and teacher information into database, as well as it will store student marks of particular semester and exam. i have done with my storing information part and designing part and now i am doing the grade calculation but i am not getting the logic of how should retrieve all the Subjects and Their marks and on a form of a student and on that base i want to calculate its result i.e o Grade. please reply as soon as possible my project submission date is day after tomorrow..

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You'll have to provide more information and a clearer description of what you are doing.

Just a thought if the grade calculations were done in the database then it would just be a matter of pulling the relevant fields and poutting them in a report.

i think that by the time you insert the marks into the database, the computation of the grades and everything should have already been done on your interface and about retrieving the results, i believe every student should have an id so you have to enter different marks for the different students using that same id so that when you are to retrieve the marks, you have got to use a select*from db where id='somevalue'.

i have a Marks_Tablein which
Gr_No (int)
Name (varchar)
Class (int)
Division (varchar)
Exam (varchar)
Subject (varchar)
Maximum_Marks (int)
Minimum_Marks (int)
Obtained_Marks (int)
are the columns of my table in the database.
i wanted when user selects or (filter) a particular class ,Division,Exam,Gr_No from the form, it should retrieve all the Subjects and the obtained_marks he got in each subjects on to a form and on that Obtained_marks base i have to calculate the overall grades and give it to the user but i am not getting the logic for it ,how will i get that the exact output. i have tried the crystal report but i didnt got the correct output so now i want to retrieve it on form instead of report. please give some guidance on it

Maybe I'm not understanding your requirements, but if your Gr_No is already an int value; just add up all the int values and divide by the total number of values - that will give you the average value - then just display that value (and/or update your Obtained_Marks field).

If you have marks with you can use If else condition

 Dim marks As Integer = 51
        Dim grade As String

        If marks > 50 Then
            grade = "A"
            grade = "B"
        End If

i can put the if else condition but first i have to retrieve the students marks in each subject from the database and then put then i will put them in if else condition but i dont know how i should retrieve from database

 myConnection = New SqlConnection(connectionstring)
dim Marks as Integer
        myCommand = New SqlCommand(" Select columnname FROM tablename Where P_Id='" & ComboBox2.Text & "'", myConnection)
        Dim dr As SqlDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader
        While dr.Read()

        marks = Val(dr(0))

            'currentbalance = Double.Parse(dr(2).ToString)

        End While

ya i got but but this will retrieve only the marks of the subjects but i want to retrieve all the subject of the student and its marks on a textbox then i will calculate the grade upon the marks how should i retrieve all subject and their marks

Can you put a picture of how your interface look like

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