Okay first of all, hi people of daniweb. Im relatively new to the eclipse interface and as you have probably already guessed im using java. My question is directed towards the debugger interface, im fairly used visual studio and using "f11" to do a step by step view of what the code is doing but i cant seem to get this working with eclipse, f6 seems like it should work but the whole debugger interface and usage is confusing me. i set a toggle point but as far as im aware or from what i can make happen, the debugger only debugs that exact line of code.

any idea's or guides or tips for using eclipse debugger? thanks in advance!

okay so f6 is does work for stepping over code but it seems to stop dead when my code sends it to another function, so it checks the if() statement, enters the { but when i call a function... goHere(); it only allows me to pause or terminate the debugger } any ideas?