Hi Guys,
Need help... I am developing an windows application in that one form is to send sms by connecting mobile (GSM). but no idea how to do this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Simple way to send text messsages in dotnet , is by handling sms gateways and a modem attached to you PC , then you have to setup your modem to any available SMS Gateway ...well you can go for "OZEKISmS " gateway which is easy to access you gateways , then you can go for database if required for sending and receiving the text messages in database.

There are two simple ways I've found.

1) Send an email to the phone based on the carriers domain
2) Send the message through a web service


Even i too tried this method..

but some times ozeking gateway is not connecting..

could u tell me any other way pls....

HI ,

Or you can try SMStrade.eu i guess it wud help you..:-)

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