Dear Friends

I have an issue when I place a label box in the MDI Parent form and then open a child form the label box highlighted in child form, could you please help me out to regret this problem, Thanks in Advance.

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Hi there,

Can you please specify exactly what the issue is, and please post your code that you are having an issue with.



I will post snapshort by tommarow for reference. till then I have placing some labelbox in the MDI parent form. but when I open my child form (like Chart of Account), these labelbox which is in MDI parent form shows in Child form, which create problem for me.

More clarification needed, maybe your snapshots would help. Till then.....

Please find snapshots of my project, kindly also how can I transparent the label box in MDI form


Anbody help to resolve the above issue


B]Anbody help to resolve the above issue[/B]

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