I am in need of converting a project which is in Delphi 5 to Delphi XE2. When I run the same Delphi 5 code, in XE2 , I get some errors. 
In Delphi 5, we have used NMFTP component for file transfers. But here netmasters is not available. Instead, it uses INDY component IDFTP. The events and methods which are in NmFTP are not found in IdFTP. I have some clarifications,
1. In delphi 5, there is a property called "vendor" to connect to FTP server. the code is like TNMFTP.Vendor := NMOS_AUTO. But in indy component, the vendor property is not avail. Is there any equivalent property for that..?
2. In TNMFTP, we have OnSuccess and OnFailure events to know the status of the transfer like " file has been transferd" and so on.. But in INDY, those events are not available. Any equivalent events to display the status messages..? 
Could somoone pls explain..? 

No, the Vendor property was specific to Netmasters, but I think you can safely do without it.

Indy does have status events. I suggest you look at the events in the object inspector. It might be wise to look through Indy's documentation, so the porting process will be easier.

If you still don't want Indy, then there's another free package available, namely Overbyte ICS.


Thanks for the response.. I do confuse with OnWorkBegin,OnWorkEnd and OnStatus events. I tried to google it.. But could not find clear explanations. Could you pls suggest some reference doc's...? Or reference portals..?
    Thanks for the clarifications. Another one is like, I have a memo field. I have to retrieve data from DB and display it in the memo field. The field in DB is varchar2(4000). But when I execute the code in XE3, I get a run time error like "Access violation of memo field...", actually it is accepting only 250 characters. If the field is more than 250 characters, getting access violation error.It happens in XE3. But the same code works fine in delphi 5. Any solutions to resolve this..? 


Show the violating code.