any ideas how to solve this?: I am using Visual Studio 2008 for compiling c++ programs and when I press f5(which is at default, the start debugging button) the console window flashes for a bit and then closes, but when I click on start without debugging, the console window stays put on my monitor, it's kind of wierd and I do not know what's causing this. I swear I've used void main here and even tried int main with return 0 but didn't work. If someone knows a fix on this kindly reply to this thread before I try reinstalling my VS 2008, maybe I've just touched on something in my settings, not sure. Thanks in advance.

Try using the F11 (Step Into) key to start the debugger in single step mode. This will execute one statement at a time. Whereas F5 just continually executes all the statements until an exception is found. If no exceptions are found, F5 will just normally terminate the program and end the debugger session,

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