Hello Everyone,

Am facing problem am using RAD IDE, Java Version 1.6.0_30 from Sun Microsystems Inc. the program are executing successfully and showing output in IDE.

But when am trying to compile the program outside the IDE the java program compiling the program and generating .class file but it is not executing, getting error saying UnsupportedClassversionError:

And When am checking the java version online it showing Java Version 1.6.0_30 but when checking form Command Prompt it showing this

Command Prompt Command: D:>java -fullversion
Java fullversion "1.3.1_01"

D:> java -version "1.3.1_01"
Java<TM> 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition <build 1.3.1_01>
Java HotSpot<TM> Client VM <build 1.3.1_01, mixed mode>

Can anyone Guide me why it is happening .....

Thanks in Advance,

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You seem to have a very old version of Java lying around. Just uninstall it then install the latest JDK (1.7.x).

Thanks for reply i already upgraded the java version

My Q's From IDE it is executing the program but not from command prompt.


D:>java -fullversion
Java fullversion "1.3.1_01

You may think you have updated your Java, but this proves you to have a very old version of Java lying around, in addition to the newer version that your IDE is using.
It's not unusual to discover people have one Java runtime (eg in c:\Program Files), and another inside the IDE installation.

Ok, then how do i remove this old version from PC, in control panel it showing SE development kit 6 update 7


If you can't see it in "uninstall a program" then you will have to seek it out and destroy it by hand. Start by looking in your PATH settings - command prompt seems to be finding the old version in your PATH. That should tell you where the old JRE is installed, so you can delete that whole directory. You;ll also have to hunt through all the other environment variables (eg CLASSPATH) to update them to point to your current version. It may take a few passes of trial and error to get all the referneces updated, which is why a roper uninstall is better.

Ohh thanks i have over come with problem....

I just delete the path and create a new one now the program is executing...


OK, great.
It would be a good idea to delete the ancient JRE directory to avoid any future problems (and save the space!).

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