In a data grid, I have a data grid with a column like this:

Dim colAdd As New HeaderAndDataAlignColumn
        With colAdd
            .MappingName = "Address"
            .HeaderText = "Nationality"
            .Width = 150
            .Alignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center
            .TextBox.Enabled = False
            .ReadOnly = True
            .NullText = ""
        End With

How can I disable this column entirely, I mean even disable focus event (can't click, can't use Tab or arrow keys, etc.)

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Doesn't Enabled=False do that

you can set your column readonly property true .


Thanks for your help, but as you could see, I had already set these as you said and... nothing happened. I wish that we could even disable Tabstop, but TabStop = False do "Nothing". I wonder if there's a way to solve this, really!!

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