Does anybody if something like this exists?
I am trying to write a small program to plan appointments.
And have a overview of them in some sort of calendar(not the mini calendar which you can get from the VB control).

Found some website who offer such controls, but honestly $1k for the license is a bit to much for something which i am not gonna use that often.

So i was wondering if there are any codes available or projects which do something similar.
Or any other solution which could work for this.
Want to save the data in a SQL database.


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Can you be more specific on the look and feel of the control you are looking for? "Some sort of calendar" is not a lot to go on. If you just want a datebook type program there are several free ones available. Several can be found here. There is also RedNoteBook available here but it might be a little more than you are looking for featurewise.


Well basically the programs you linked or something along the lines of what i want to make.
But i just want to add a few personal features.
DevExpress got their Calendar/Scheduler component.
But as said the license for that is not cheap.

I want to have a form which covers a week(curentweek), and clicking it it will allow me to add a scheduled appointment by day, time, length.


I don't see that you need a custom control for that. Just seven multiline textboxes labeled with the corresponding date and possibly a calendar control to select a particular week.


hmm that might actually work.
Going to look into that, thanks for the tip.

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