Hello, people on daniweb.
I was programming in C++CX for a metro application I am making, and needed to do a little string manipulation.

Does anyone know if there is a way to individually edit members of String^, like an array, or if there is some equivalent to stringstream on C++CX? Just wondering, as the documentation isn't as complete as some as it is in beta.
Thanks, ahead!

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Is there no StringBuilder?

Never mind I found a solution. You just make a wstring and set it to String^'s Data. To set it back you make the String^ equal the wstring.c_str().

What is StringBuilder?

...a mutable string of characters that is used to build a string.

Yeah honestly I don't know because I don't use them. Looks like CLI stuff if you ask me which kind of looks like CX but honestly I Don't know. I would check but I an responding from my phone.

Yeah, that is definitely CLI stuff, with .NET so it is completely unrelated to what I am talking about... It is probably in C# or something, but I don't like .NET languages. C++CX is C++ with Component Extensions, so it is easier to make metro applications.

When I saw String^, I immediately thought CLI.
Even java has the concept of the StringBuilder, so I thought you might find an equivalent.

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