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I have a machine with 2 harddrives. One has Windows 7 installed and the other has Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed. Since my Win8 is my primary, it starts up into windows 8 without even showing the bootloader.

Is there a way for me to go add the other HDD that has win7 installed to the win8 bootloader so that I can choose between the 2 OSs when starting up?

Thanks in advance!

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The harddrive with windows 8 might be the primary harddrive.
Which means that the harddrive with windows 7 is secondary.

There might be an error in the bootloader on your other harddrive,
otherwise you should take a look at your BIOS, Check that the windows7 harddrive is the primary harddrive.
I can't tell you exactly how to do it, as BIOS varies depening on manufacturers.
Usually you can enter BIOS by pressing and holding DELETE or F12.

"Assuming you know what you are doing".

NOTE: Entering BIOS and changing settings, may result in massive problems.

Other solutions:

Another alternative might be to access 'msconfig' on Windows 8 and enter a timeout value,
which means that the boot will make a timeout for the arbitrary value in seconds.

Otherwise, there might be a program called easyBCD that can create a boot entry point.


Can you access the windows 7 harddrive from windows 8?

Hope that helpful information.

I believe there are a number or boot laoder programs that will do the job you want quite easily. Google boot loader windows, or boot menu and take yoour pick. This is probably a better notion than editing the current master boot record (MBR) on your hard disk but it could also be done by ading a line to that file (open the file in a text editor and) welll perhaps not for the inexperienced.
good luck

use this software "easy bcd"...

best thing to do is on you win 7 machine create a vhd and install windows 8 on your vhd once you finish with it you just delet the vhd file and wont mess up for boot config.

If it is only booting Windows 8 automatically and do not show Windows 7 listed in the Windows Boot Manager, then you can try any boot manager software to add Windows 7 in Windows Boot Manager. For Boot Manager Software you can search on Google. There are many many Boot Manager, one of them is "EasyBCD".

It's a Dual boot problem and I guide you from another DELETED I read before.

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