I know I am new to the Board but I need help. I have these programes to designand I need to know how to code in them in Pascal.

All I ask, if it is possible, is for a sample answer if it is possible. I am not that good with Pascal.

The questions are

1. Allow the user to fist enter the type of conversion (either pounds to kilograms or feet to metres) and the conversion rate. Then read 10 numbers and for each number, do the given conversion. Assume once the conversion rate and types are entered, they are applicable to all 10 numbers.

2. You are required to create a machine for a new type of lottery game. The user is required to choose 5 numbers between 1 to 9. Your program must allow the user to generate 5 random numbers or select a number or numbers for a certain position and generate other numbers.

Even if I cannot get a sample answer, any advice, site to search or any help is good.

Thank you.

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If you don't mind reading a lot the best tutorial to Delphi and Object Pascal is Borland Delphi 7's own help file. You must read the section "Programming with Delphi" and first few chapters of "Delphi Language Guide". Also check http://delphi.about.com and Borland Developpers Network site for example applications and tutorials.

Loren Soth

Thanks Lord South,

I have already started reading the chapters and getting an idea with what to do.

However, a sample answer will still give me an idea of how to proceed.


you start by writing down how to do it, not by having someone else do it for you.
No compiler or code editor required, use pen and paper and write it out in normal English (or your own language).
Then start thinking of what language constructs would best map your solution.
Only then start coding.

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