Bonjour a tous,
i have a very strang proplem it made me mad ,

i have antyped dataset and simlpy want to update a record by using dataadapter but the aupdate method affect only ONE Item here is the code :

Dim cb3 As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(da3)
            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(0) = BANQREB.Text

            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(1) = TextBox1.Text
            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(2) = NOMBQUE.Text
            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(3) = ADRESSBANQ.Text
            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(4) = TELBANQUE.Text
            DSBANQUE.Tables("BANQUES").Rows(INC2).Item(5) = FAXBANQUE.Text
                       da3.Update(DSBANQUE, "BANQUES")
                       MsgBox("RECORD UPDATED")

it updates only item no(0)
and give me the massage of the RECORD UPDATED but it dosnt it returns the same value for the other items (1,2,3,4,5)

sorry for my English

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