please m I want help , I am a new member I dont know How I use this site , I attached some problem and I want help :)


using namespace std;

void Load_dictionary(string Dictionary_E[],string Dictionary_F[],string Dictionary_G[]);//Load_dictionary declaration function
const int MaxSize=  100;// Maxsize for the array 
/*void sort(string sortedDic[]);// Arraysort function*/

int main ()
{// main function

    string Dictionary_E [MaxSize];
    string Dictionary_F [MaxSize];
    string Dictionary_G [MaxSize];
    Load_dictionary(Dictionary_E,string Dictionary_F,string Dictionary_G);
    /*string sortedDic[MaxSize]=string Dictionary [MaxSize];
    sort(string sortedDic);*/

        cout<<" Dictionary File has been loaded... \n\n\n";
        cout<<" 1) Translate a sentence to French\n";
        cout<<" 2) Translate a sentence to German\n";
        cout<<" 3) Remove a set of words from dictionary\n";
        cout<<" 4) Add a new set of words to dictionary\n";
        cout<<" 5)Search and display a set of words\n";
        cout<<" 6) Display all words in dictionary in alphabetical order by the English word\n";
        cout<<" 7) Exit\n"; 

    return 0;

}// end of main function 

void Load_dictionary(string Dictionary_E[],string Dictionary_F[],string Dictionary_G[])
{//Load_dictionary function for opening the dictionary file and for load the data in to array

    ifstream MyFile;// file initilization"Dic_File.txt");// opening dic_file
    string line;//this will contain the data read from the file

    if ( 
    {cout << "Can't open file!\n";  
        while ( !MyFile.eof())//while the end of file is NOT reached
            for ( int i=0; i<MaxSize ;i++)

                 for(int i=0; i<MaxSize ;i++)

                 for(int i=0; i<MaxSize ;i++)


        }//end of while

    }//end of else  

}//end of function

/*void sort(string sortedDic[])
    string loaded_dataE;

    for (int pass=0;*/