Hello all!
I really want to make a chat that runs over a network, but Microsoft nor Ostrosoft winsock works.
I know I am doing it right, plus for Ostrosoft winsock you need to install its program thing on each computer you use your program on.
I did sort of get Ostrosoft winsock to work. I got it to work with a very basic remote desktop program, then I added new features (didn't touch the way it sends and recives) and it just stopped working, and it just won't ever work again.
And I could only connect 1 client to my remote desktop server.
So can anyone point me out to a VB.NET plugin thing for Winsock?
The built in remoting things in VB.NET are very hard to understand, but if someone could be a complete superstar and direct me to code for a simple sub thing to copy in my code so I can just go 'SendData("hi")' that would be cool also :)

Thanks, please help.

There is an article on CodeProject that deals with exactly this.
It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it will get you very close.