Hello Daniweb,
Can anybody please tell me that, can we configure remoting for the LAN?
I studied it halfway but I realised that its for web, but i think i can be possible for LAN too.
Please do reply with something :)

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What do you mean by "remoting"? please elaborate.

System.Runtime.Remoting namespace
Its like predefined .dlls which you can just call over network using http/tcp on the remote application in client server archtecture. Sorry I am bad at explaining the concepts.

I am doing WPF project. but I am not able to build logic for multiple clients and one server. And as WPF dont have
timer control so I was using dispatcher timer. But that freezes the window. So maybe I will have to do threading for that.
But remoting seems more easy than socket programming. Is there any alternative? I will be just passing few strings over the LAN.
In short I am lost and need some guidance to move on. I hope I will get some help :)

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