Hi all,

I have recently designed a WPF application with some user controls and I want to code behind a user control to redirect to another window or invoke another user control however I am unable to do the same.

The problems I am facing presently are as follows:-

1.When I use the "this" keyword as "this.visibility.collapsed" it removes the user controls from the window but doesn't closes the window itself.
I just want to know **how to find the parent window of this at runtime so that I may write something as this.****.visibility.collapsed

2.How to invoke another user control from another user control's button click in the same window.

Thanks in advance.

Please help as its very important task for me to complete within time limits.

Thanks very much

Post your question in microsoft blend or WPF forum, you will get anwers there. good luck

Thanks I got my solution myself :)

If possible post your solution, this will help others, maybe me too :D

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