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I have a listbox that displays a list records from a file. The records contain details about a film - title, certificate, genre, whether or not its rented out or in.

At the moment, when a film is set to - rented out, that individual film is put into a seperate listbox from the rest of the films. instead of moving the film to a different listbox, is there a way of changing the colour of the film title?
So if the film is in the shop then the title of the film is in blue, if the film is out on rent, then the title of the film is red.

Could someone please help me out.


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You can use a TChecklistbox to show out videos by a check; you can use TListview to assign different icons near items or you can set normal TListbox to ownerdraw and render the text for each element by yourself as you like.

Loren Soth

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