Hi daniweb members. Today i would like to how to get all the current frames from a website and also how to access those frames (Meaning , only showing that frame or where the loc is of that frame?

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well you can first get the id or name of those frames , as i just worked once in a facebook scraper , so i dont have that much knowledge , but the basic idea is that you can use the get element by id , to get the any component of the web form by using its id , you can even change the inner html text to disable all othere part of the web page . here is a link hope this will help you to step forword.Click Here


poojavb please dont show your iq here -_-
Maybe I posted here becuase i maybe wanted to do it through i dont no maybe vb Programming XD


Here 's what ive found it seems it was already built in the vb web browser control


But here's the next problem it throws a Access denied Error WTf ?

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