I have finished my deployment process for my project in vb.net,but i didn't know how to protect my project. I request you to please tell me the way of serial key setting while installing my project in clients system. Also i have to faced one problem while serial key setting, the serial key displayed on non-editable area.
But i need like this, if the serial key whatever given during deployment process match with current serial key proceed installing process for my project otherwise aborted.please tell me solution for this problem.

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I don't know how to request a serial number while installing, but wouldn't it be sufficient to ask for the serial number when the application runs? If the serial number is incorrect or not entered you can always exit the application.


If they can't run it without providing a serial number then your software is protected. However, like much commercial software, even providing a serial number is not protection against illegal use because there is nothing to prevent one user from sharing the serial number. It gets tricky.

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