hello !
i am working on a simple parental lock application . i want to know all the websites visited by the user , i mean , for example now i am visiting daniweb.com , is there is any way to get the name of daniweb.com and after getting it i want to write this address on a text file . main issue is to get the name of sites visited by the user.
i have no idea how to perform this .
if all above is not possible , then is there any way to close browser if someone want to visit specific site , for example i have a site name www.abc.com , now i want that no on this pc can visit this site , now if user trying to visit this site his browser will closed.


Depends, how are you going to accomplish this?
Are you going to get the websites visited by a custom made application, or from another browser like Google Chrome?

'If it's from your own custom made application, i'm guessing your using the default WebBrowser control.
    Public Class MyForm

        Private Sub MyWebBrowser_DocumentCompleted(sender As Object, e As WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs) Handles MyWebBrowser.DocumentCompleted
            My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText("MyHistory.txt", e.Url & Environment.NewLine, True)
        End Sub
    End Class
'If it's from another browser, such as Google Chrome, then you gotta check the history every second and compare it to the previous history check. If its the same, do nothing. If it's different then write both into a text file. Now I would give you a source code but I just found out that with the new update of Google Chrome, the history is encrypted. Same with IE 9. So unless you find a way to decipher that, this way is useless anyways.

'If you still want the source code anyways just say so and i'll write it.
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