I have a very tough problem- how do you make an icon/character move across a console screen?

For example, if I press W,


Then I press D


And I want it to be like the CHOICE command in CMD- Without requiring the user to press Enter. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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You can use the Tkinter GUI toolkit that ships with Python:

# KeyLogger.py
# show a character key when pressed without using Enter key
# arrow keys are 'Up' 'Down' 'Left' 'Right' in event.keysym
# hide the Tkinter GUI window, only console shows

# Python3 change Tkinter to tkinter (now a package)
import Tkinter as tk

def key(event):
    if event.keysym == 'Escape':
    #print(event.char)   # test
    print(event.keysym)  # optional test

root = tk.Tk()
print("Press a key (Escape key to exit):")
root.bind_all('<Key>', key)
# don't show the tk window

But how about the movement part? Like how do I apply this...

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