help friends, i am very new to vb.net and this is my first application.
i create the setup project but after installing on another machine, the
program cannot read from the sql2005 dbase. What files do i need to add during
the compilation? i am sure that is where the problem is coming from.

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You are talking about when i have finished the setup project and i want to deploy, isn't it? I stand for correction.

In the process of creating the setup, In the File System Editor under the application folder and User's desktop, i am supposed to add some files in an opendialog box, that is where I do not know which files to add. Pls help


you have to add select first your application folder then right click and select add files , browse your project bin folder and add all files present init , after that just add shortcut of your .exe file on desktop build your project ,



Thanks very much M.Waqas Aslam, i was able to follow the steps; but i think i need to read more on how to attach the sql server dbase or rather use the sql express, but i am grateful.

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