When I tried registering the system32 dll using regsvr32, I came across this error :
"p2sodbc.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
This file can not be registered.
Help out guyz...

It seems that you want to register it on a windows 7 64 bit pc, correct?

The regsvr works a bit different in win 7, you need to use your cmd prompt for it. let me know, i'll walk you through the steps...

working on win xp 32 bit...
using regsvr32 p2sodbc.dll in the "run"...

Brief history : I was getting an "error 20532".. searching around, came to knw that it was caused due to p2sodbc.dll file..
I found p2sodbc.dll file was missing from the test pc. I copied it from the devlopment pc to the system32 folder of the test pc.
When I tried registering the dll using regsvr32, I came across this error.
Thought that it might be corrupted, i even downloaded from net but it also didnt helped..

Ok, lets try the following...
1) You only register a DLL if it contains a control. Since you got that error message then this DLL is not one of those.

Simply put it in c:\windows\system32 for your app to access it.

2)The error indicates that the DLL is either not a COM DLL or it's corrupt. If it's not a COM DLL and not being used as a COM DLL by an application then there is no need to register it. If it is corrupt, get a fresh copy and replace the corrupted one.

3) You usually get this error when the dll exists, but is not of correct type (ie: non com dll, but one like the Api dll) or it is for a different Os version (ie: a dll wich is developed for win9x and you're trying to register it on Win Xp...) - Get the correct version for Windows XP

a) Download the latest p2sodbc.dll

b) rename all instances of p2sodbc.dll in your system to p2sodbcbackup.dll

c.) Make sure there is only ONE p2sodbc.DLL file and that is in the system32 folder of windows directory.

reboot the system and it should work like a charm.

Let me know if this worked for you...

thanks for the support..
okay.. got the first 2 points and worked on 3rd point. still getting RunTime Error 20532. Cannot find database DLL.
So, in this case, if the error is not due to p2sodbc.dll, do you have any idea about the cause of this error..??
I am listing out the dlls and ocx being used in the project, if u could help finding the resolution for the error


No problem, i'll have a look tonight.

hey andre.. did u came across some solution..??

RunTime Error 20532. Cannot find database DLL

The error is due to missing dependency files. Look for P2smon.dll. If it is present and still you get error then look for Msvcrt.dll and Msvcirt.dll dependency files
for P2smon.dll

You can also perform a dependency check on the dll to find any futher ones using depends.exe.

Depends.exe is the dependency walker, its a tool that is part of Visual Studio. Open Depends from the "Microsoft Visual Studio6.0 Tools". Then Choose File-Open and select the dll whose dependency you want to check. It will list all the dependency dlls for the dll you have selected.If your system is missing one, it will show that with a yellow icon and give its description.

Hope this helps

The P2smon.dll was found missing from the test pc.. made it available and checked for msvcrt.dll & msvcirt.dll (already present).. still getting the error.. :(
Depends.exe is a great tool..thanx for sharing the info.. while tracking all the dependencies of the dlls came across the following 2 files missing :
1) sstree32.dll from craxddrt.dll
2) crheapalloc.dll frm crystl32.ocx

When cross-checked, these 2 files were not even present in the dev pc, still the project is executing fine. Still thought that these 2 files may be the cause of the error, tried to download them from the net but couldn't find the files even there..

No problem on the share. :) I'll have a look into this. I doubt it if it has anything to do with the other depend. files though, something else is screwing around in your app.... ;)