C#Jaap 5 Junior Poster in Training

I am working on an application that keeps track and uses files stored on the file system. Users are allowed to open, create, delete and move files in the file system. Meanwhile my application is not constantly running so I can't keep track of all changes real-time. Afterwards my application has to find out what file is whom (i.c. as identified in my application).

The most preferred solution for the users is that the application solves every change itself. Each user-interaction is less preferred.

One of my ideas was to use an attribute of a file and assign a key-value to it so when it has been identified once, it can always been recognized afterwards. But I don't know if there is such an attribute. This article on Stack-overflow didn't give much hope: There is in Windows file systems a pre computed hash for each file?.

Does somebody know if there is such an attribute I can use? And how can I used it in C#?

Is there anyone who is running up against this problem? And how did you solve it?

I'd like to hear good suggestions.

regards, Jaap