(This has been discussed numerous times already, so much so that I've gotten lost wading through the existing threads.)

- In a home Workgroup network of mostly XP computers and one Vista, the goal is that every computer be able to see the entire contents of the other computers via mapped drives. This includes the full contents of the "C:\Documents and Settings" and "C:\Users" folders.
- Each computer has its C: drive setup for sharing.
- This works mostly, but there is one XP computer whose "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner" files can be accessed but not the "C:\Documents and Settings\Mike" files. The other computers get a dialog box when trying to open the Mike folder.
- "Location is not available | T:\Documents and Settings\Mike is not accessible. | Access is denied."

- I can supply tons more detail, if you gals and guys don't have the answer off the top of your collective heads. :)

- How do I make this Mike folder accessible?


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I'm sure you know this, but I will say it for others who may be reading... REALLY BAD IDEA!!! Sharing the system drive is asking for problems, but I'm sure you have your reasons...

Was the user profile created after the share was created?
Can you access other folders on the machine?

first every computer has its C drive shared by default \\computername\C$ second, does the username and password you're accessing the share for "owner and mike" have administrative rights or limited? Without full administrative rights you are limited and if i remember correctly "Owner" is a username HP created for its users as a default. I would check the Users and Groups settings in Computer Managment. Bit I would also reiterate what techsheaven said about sharing everything on system drive.

I would recommend sharing files via a Network Attached Storage device, but only copies. This is general advice though. Give us more details about what you want to achieve, and we can help you reach your goals.

We ask "clarifying questions" to make sure we understand the issue. Don't be offended by warnings... many of work in IT all day, and try to help here in the evenings. I personally, like to see threads resolved, because others are looking for answers too.

Did you find a resolution for the problem, or can we help you work through it?

you must have administrator rights to open,,,,,

Problem solved. Thank you to all who helped.

The solution was to turn off Simple File Sharing.
This disabled the source of the problem, which had something to do with the user's Documents and Settings folder being set to Make This Folder Private.

Thanks again.

- Mike

Just so you know, if one of the computers are compromised, they all are!

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