I know how to change the background color of a button or label in properties, but I need help figuring out how to get it to change when it is clicked.

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in the form designer, add a button, then double click on it to go to the code, then type:

button1.BackColor = Color.Red //change the background color to red of button 1

Better to not refer to the control by name. In the Click handler do

Dim btn As Button = sender
sender.BackColor = Color.Red

or more simply

DirectCast(sender, Button).BackColor = Color.Red

you might even get away with

sender.BackColor = Color.Red

button1.Style.Add(HtmlTextWriterStyle.BackgroundColor, "Red");

Changes the button's color to Blue
Changes the label's color to Blue
but note that the label should not be transparent

I think You are talking about the "hover/click/leave" the mouse change the color of it so,
If yes, then Yes You can
If so then msg me me I will give the codes for it so.

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If so then msg me me I will give the codes for it so.

Code should be posted in the thread for everyone to benefit from.

I am Sorry.
Let me Add the code,
I will explain it with an example of Button,

The Button You want the Change, Click on it go the Property Tab,
And then check top most of property tab, You will find some more tab with the icon, Go to the Event Tab.

Then, Find the Mouse Hover and Double click to enter the code.
Then Type this Code as for Example:

Button1.Forecolor = color.Blue

Then, again Same but now double Click on the Mouse Leave Button
And enter the Default setting Code:

Button1.Forecolor = color.Black

So what this do is: Whenever you are just taking your mouse on button/hover on the button then the font color will change to blue
else it will remain Black.

Thank You.
I guess that You got the solution.

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