I want to start as junior in Java in a company but they ask me to present them some tasks that ensures that i am more than a junior.they offer me a task to create a Swing Gui with buttons and stuff.I have already a good knowledge of Java from University and some projects.
But on the way to create the logic and after a button stayed stacked i have learn about SwingWorker (because i have to do a task that runs in back) it was very interesting.
So my questions is so that i can present them some kinds of task i would like to ask you people.
What are the most common tasks that you do in work in coding.Example build a table and fill it with data and enable the right click (i have already done something like that they want more). What do you think that it would be good for me to present them and also that i learn something more for the future and so that i get the job.
Please just write only ideas or if you have working Experience what kind of tasks to do.Swing,Spring, JSP ,struts it doesn't matter all i will try and learn them them and i want the job.
All ideas suggestions are welcome.

Hi Sir, when I'm training with my present company today, We're asked to develop a simple Online shopping cart. I would suggest you try to develope something like that using JSP, Struts, Spring, and Hibernate(if you are already have a knowledge of this one). Hope this gives you an idea.

How should i do it can you explain in some details ?

Do you have background in spring, hibernate and struts 2? As shopping cart, the users will place their orders and you will compute for their total cost. Code wise, it can be done using Spring for bean injection, JSP pages for your display, Struts 2 for mapping your JSPs to your java controllers, and hibernate for your database queries.

Spring >> Click Here

Hibernate >> Click Here

Struts 2 >> Click Here

And by the way you can also use spring for JSP to controllers mapping if you don't want to study struts 2. ;)

Hi there dimasalang very good idea is what you gave me.I have a small knowlede of Spring and i know in a sort of maner Hibernate i know very good Struts 1 , good knowledge of jsp.
Can you explain the code wise """Spring for bean injection,Struts 2 for mapping your JSPs to your java controllers""" this i haven't understand it.Can you give me some details more ?How is it posible to mix this technologies?

Hi there I'll try to explain this to my very best. :)

Hmmm. When you want to use hibernate in connecting to your DB, you will be needing a data source to connect to the database. You can instatntiate that datasource using Spring, setting the properties like connection string, db username, db password etc. then using it as data source to your hibernate.

By the way datasource is a name given to the connection set up to a database from a server.<Wikipedia> :)

By struts mapping, I mean as a website or something, you would want to do some server side processing whenever a form from your JSP was submitted. Java controller or servlet can do the processing for you. And struts will do the mapping to what controller a page will go once it has been submitted submitted.

Sorry I can't explain it that much. @.@

I will try it and inform you about it maybe you can help me on the way by giving some details of the implementation.
Do you have an example?
How did you do it at that time like you said here on your answer or this is a way of some common uses of this technologies?
Thanks a lot for your guidance.

Should i make more than one applications like one for Hibernate and Spring one for Struts?

you should understand that it is pretty hard for us to know what your (future?) employer deems a worthy application.

if you were hired to do back-end development, or as a front-end developer, that changes a lot. are their applications single screen applications, multiple screens, 3D, .... ?

if only they tell me what they want it would be no problem to write it down.What dimasalang suggest me looks very interesting to my knowledge i believe somethinglike that would be goos if i can show them.To many technologies but i thing it worth it .Can you suggest me also something like this?or even how all this fit together?

I agree with stultuske. But I think for now, you should try showing them that you have the skill in doing backend together with front end development. And I suggested the shopping cart with Spring, hibernate and struts forming its framework because I think it's a good way to impress them. ^^

By the way, all I suggested is the common uses of those technologies. By now, I think you should be start developing demo, my suggestion is just to give you an idea, if you can think of anything much better, then that's good! goodluck! :)

Ok Thanks Another Question.How far is this from reality?I mean a real day in work what will you do ?

That example is just basics. A real day in work, if you're in software development, you would do things much more complex than that.

like what ?

As a new employee you are unlikely to be asked to do a new project. New hires are usually assigned maintenance tasks, mostly because that teaches them about the existing systems, and partly because they are bottom of the pecking order and nobody likes maintenance.
So a typical task may be to take an existing appication - many thousands of lines of code - and add a new data item to gui and database, or change the logic for processing a particular transaction.

As a new employee you are unlikely to be asked to do a new project.

you mean to start the project from the beginig untill the end?

yes. what's most likely is the set you up at an existing project, starting up with bug fixing to "get to know the application" and some maintenance.
"ow, hey, we want this functionality to change like that now", nothing ground breaking.
starting from small to less small to bigger to (once you really know your way there, and they're convinced you know (and follow) the companies guidelines ... they'll let you start up a project (of course not on your own, but in a team) and later on, maybe even lead one.

Just try to prove that you're worthy of the job and everything else will fall down into places. ;)

Thanks a lot for tyour guidance people.I really apreciate that

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