The employees of our company are using an India Cash Program application that displays records and data according
to search criteria and also genertes reports.It is built using VB6.0,sql server 2005 and crystal report 8.5 .The
application is used daily from an .exe file that is installed on all computers.The actual LCI database and crystal
report files are kept on the sever.The application is working fine on all computers but only on one machine the
crystal report shows duplicate records,but this happens only sometimes.when the program is closed and started again,
report comes properly.What could be the reaso for this?

Make sure that the machine with the weird behaviour has all the latest Windows Updates. What is different about that one machine? Does it have something installed that no one else does? Is it missing something that everyone else has? Does restarting the application on any of the other computers cause this duplication issue?