I've downloaded Java jdk 5.0 and jre 5.0. to my Windows XP. The downloads are NOT listed in the "All Programs"; they're in the "Add or Remove Programs" in the CONTROL PANEL. How do I make java appear along with my other programs in the "All Programs" list? And once it's in the "All Programs" list, how would I configure it to work on Windows XP?

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Theres no need for it to be in your ALL PROGRAMS list.

In fact, it shouldn't even be in there.

To get it to work on your Windows, got to Start -> Run and type in 'sysedit'

Find the panel that says AUTOEXEC.BAT and type in the line that tells it where the java bin file is.
For example:


Then you just use the command prompt to compile any java classes you have.

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