this is just as complicated as it sounds...
but to try to simplify things, look at this image:
I need the influence generation aglorithm's for both I1 and I2.

here's what I currently have:

please help
I've been doing google searches for the bezier aglorithm,
but havn't come up with any decent results for what I need.

if any explainations are needed, I'll come back with them,
but honestly I think it's pretty self explamitory from the images...
(a sphere from a cube)

although I could figure out I2 division if I could at least get the I1 division aglorithm

may I request deletion or at least locking of this thread.
this whole method has been scrapped and I'm just working on taking out the trash.
(nobody needs a google result for a scrapped method)

thanx ;)

may I request deletion again...
I'm here from the related articles links,
and this is scrapped garbage gumming up the results.

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