Required to write a VBscript to perform simple calculations on the overall rating of item. How to calculate if all responses are 5s, then the overall rating is 100% or if all responses are 1s, the overall rating is 20% only by using VB script. Please make sure that all the information for each of the components has to be entered. Prompt error messages for any field which is left blank.

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This sounds like a school project, which we will unfortunately not develop for you. This is a help site, show us what you got and we will assist in error resolving etc.

Also, this is a vb6 forum. I've asked the mods to move it to asp.net


I never fail to be amazed, not only that some people expect others to do their thinking and work for them, but more so that they don't even go to the trouble of defining the problem in sufficient detail that the problem can even be done. It's like we have nothing better to do than to beg them for scraps of information so we can get right to work churning out a solution.

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