hi all...
this is my 2 weeks using vb.net 2010 express i usually use vb6
in vb6 if i compile the project then the result is single exe and in vb.net 2010 express i have many file
my question is , is there a way to make single exe like vb6 did or software to compert it may...
pleaser redirect me if someone already make a thread like this...

thanks very much...
sorry for my bad english..

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look in the Release or Debug folder (whichever one you are compiling) and you will find the *.exe program. All you need to distribute is that file

All you need to distribute is that file

That is not necessarily the case. If you are creating a console app then probably. Otherwise, you have to distribute the entire folder. And that may not be enough. It depends on the infrastructure already in place on the target PC. It may be missing components (current runtime files, etc). You'll likely have to create an install file.

i make a simple program using vb.net 2010 like browser proxy support...so i all i have 2 do is instert the manifest and all the file in source ? that what your mean ?

Not sure about express but you should be able to use the 'Publish' wizard. Just point it to a folder on your hardrive and say it'll install from a cd/dvd. You end up with a file called 'setup.exe', that will install your app with shortcuts, and can be uninstalled.

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