Is there a way to get Visual Studios for Mac without partitioning your computer and getting windows 8?

If there is no way, can someone point out a tutorial in doing so? I can't find anything useful... (If i am unable to do so, i might as well get a new computer exclusive to windows 8...)

Visual Studio runs on Windows, so you'll have to have Windows to use it. But, there is MonoDevelop which will run on a Mac.

I found this also... but i don't know if it is any good.

Other than MonoDevelop and the one i mentioned, what would be the best editor to do C# in?

First off the one you linked to doesn't do C#, from what I understand it's basically an improved VB6, with cross platform support, compiling in native code, and coding on different platforms.

Whereas Mono does support C#, I'm not sure how well you can code C# on a Mac. I think you can cross compile it for Mac, but if you use C#, I think it still has to be coded in .net.

I don't think you'll find a better editor for C# than Visual Studio.

The good news is, a PC to run windows is probably half the price of a comparable Mac.

@tinstaafl, the link i provided does support c# (i watched a few videos on youtube). Would i have to partition my computer and make a part of my computer windows (i am using mac)?
I have Visual Studios (the Disc for it, when i bought it) but no where to use it.

I might have to get a windows 8 laptop (touchscreen), is there a prefered one (price isn't a problem)?

If you guys have other good solutions, please tell me.

There is a relatively limited range on Mac, I found all the IDE's definately lack the additional extras VS provides such as intellisense. Personally I would go for the boot partition and VS.

MonoDevelop is the only one I've heard of and I dont remember liking it when I used it, all preference though.

I tried using mono develop, it crashes a lot, i going to have to partition my computer then... Man, i am afraid of partitioning my computer lol...

Is there a really good guide that will help me partition my computer? Without me losing my data?

To avoid the risk of losing data there are devices such as external harddrives which will allow you to backup files.

The process of partitioning is pretty easy using macs own built in tools, I just did mine by booting from the OS disc and partitioning using the HDD management tools on it (bootcamp)

This maybe a stupid question but is there a way to partition a computer without backing it up and not losing data? Just curious...

I have decided on getting the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook, i am going to see what i can do with that in getting VS.

In reply to the partitioning question, there is always the risk of something going wrong, I did mine with a fresh install of OSX (at the time) just to clear the hdd of any rubbish so I didn't really need to back anything up.

I suppose its more for peace of mind as to whether or not you take the risk.

I might as well not partition it, i am just going to get a new computer to get Visual Studios (Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook)...

indeed it is.

Okay, so an update on the Dell XPS i purchased... i had to return it because it was all messed up, so i went to the store and bought a Lenovo yoga 13 (and it is amazing!)