I'm making a calculator, and I want the question(text) to shift the left when the textbox is full. So as you type, it shifts to the left(only when the textbox is full) to make the newly typed question visible. In a normal textbox the text shifts to the right making the newly typed question to be invisible. Thanks in advance.

In my textbox the text scrolls to the left as I type when there are more characters than can be displayed. I don't have to do anything special.

Not exactly sure what you are asking here. :)

Do you mean that when a textbox size is 2 cm long but you type "This is one veeeeerrrryyyy long text sentence, please fit in"you want the cursor to be at the end "fit in"?

Make sure the RighToLeft property is false.

Since you are making a calculator, I am going to assume that you what to mimic the behaviour of most calculators in that when you type in a number that the most significant digit shifts to the left while the entire number is aligned on the right side of the box. This can be accomplished by setting the Alignment Property to "1-Right Justify".

Thank you all for contributing, I really appreciate everyone. What I want is for the texts to move inside(I.e. Become invisible) when there are more texts than the textbox can fit in at once, so as the user is typing the question, the newly typed texts are visible, while the old ones fade to the left( they become invisible). The RightToLeft property has been set to false, but the newly typed texts are invisible when the textbox is full because they've been 'consumed' to the right side of the textbox, I want this to happen to the older questions not the new ones. Thanks in advance!