Is this above routine something I can put in and test? f so, what controls do I need to add to "form1" to use it? I'm asking this as I'm a "learn by doing" person.

Of course play with it! I didn't code any teeth into it, it does not bite. (Note to self: learn how to code in teeth).

You can use that anywhere you want to to save control text. It does not have any requirements other than using as shown in the example. It would probably be a good idea to put it in it's own code file. Just go to the Project Menu - Add New Class and replace the default class code created.

It really should have more robust error checking and recovery code, but you can always add that later. The good thing about it is you will only have to modify this one class as opposed to modifying replicated logic in multiple forms.

Please close out this thread. It's long enough.